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The preventive maintenance programs at Topeka Electric Motor effectively identify equipment deterioration before failure occurs. Using the latest methods of vibration / spectrum analysis and infrared thermography, our preventive maintenance experts can detect unacceptable heat variations and vibration imbalances.
Scheduled preventive maintenance mitigates the risk of extended downtime and is an essential component of failure management. With over 125 years of experience in the industry, we are your one-stop shop for motor, pump, or gearbox needs.

Vibration and Spectrum Analysis

Vibration / spectrum analysis is an important tool in predictive or preventive maintenance programs. Topeka Electric Motor provides a unique perspective on this service. We were diagnosing vibration problems long before modern vibration equipment was available. We used sticks and stethoscopes to “listen” to vibration problems.

This was the “old school” way of doing vibration analysis. Today, vibration / spectrum analysis uses sophisticated measuring equipment to measure imbalance. This is the “new school” way of conducting vibration / spectrum analysis. Topeka Electric Motor combines “old school” expertise with “new school” technology to deliver a level of service that few service providers can match. Freshly minted technicians may know how to operate new equipment and take readings, but they lack the extensive knowledge about motors and equipment being tested. It is the extensive knowledge that sets us apart. While we use the new equipment, we also check the motors and equipment the old-fashion way with stethoscopes.
One of the most common causes of rotating machine failure is unacceptable machine vibration. Imbalance, soft foot, or a misaligned shaft can be the reasons for machine vibration. Vibration / spectrum analysis allows us to monitor and assess machinery while it is running. With regular monitoring, we can detect many potential problems before a machine fails. This can cut down on costly downtime for your business. Other benefits include improved safety, quality, reduced rework, reduced spare parts inventory, and increased productivity. Contact us to learn more about what vibration / spectrum analysis can do to benefit your business.
Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is a valuable predictive / preventive maintenance tool. Electrical and mechanical devices usually generate heat before they fail. For example, a bearing that is starting to fail will create more friction and heat. Our infrared camera can detect excess heat before the failure happens, resulting in less downtime and a safer environment for your employees. Infrared thermography is very effective at detecting hot joints in electrical panels.
Hot joints are not visible to the naked eye but are picked up by an infrared camera. Having electrical panels periodically checked with an infrared camera provides a measure of safety to your facility and lessens the chance of a hot joint creating a fire. Infrared thermography is a great complement to the vibration / spectrum analysis services that Topeka Electric Motor has been providing since 2001.
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